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Zinniel Electric is now providing a sustainable and renewable approach to all your electrical needs through the installation of PV/Solar technology. Every dollar invested in energy conservation results in a $5 return on your investment. Solar power makes sense. There are no moving parts; consequently it is highly reliable with little maintenance. Sunshine is free and the Midwest receives an average of 5 hours of sunshine per day. Fossil fuel costs increase between 3-5% per year.


Generate your own supply of clean energy and play a role in creating a cleaner environment. The federal and state governments are currently offering tax credits and rebates for the installation of PV/Solar solutions. This helps free the US of its dependency on foreign oil and strengthens our economy. PV/Solar also provides backup power for your home in case of outages. Zinniel Electric is proud to be a leader in the installation of this proven and cost effective technology.





Zinniel Electric

“Zinniel Electric was a pleasure to have worked with. They were extremely knowledgeable, organized and professional.


I chose Zinniel Electric because they presented a solar system that met my requirements and offered the latest technology in DC/AC inverters, they Enphase micro-inverter. In addition, I liked the installation philosophy to hide the work so nothing would be visible on the exterior other than the meter. Zinniel Electric not only speaks to customer service and satisfaction but delivers on those ideals.


I am extremely satisfied with the performance of my system. I feel extremely confident my decision to have Zinniel Electric do my solar has been validated and would not hesitate to have Zinniel Electric do additional solar work for me. ”

-Derrick, Sleepy Eye

Zinniel Electric
Zinniel Electric