Farm-City Hub Club Annual Farm Show
March 11-12, 2016 – New Ulm Civic Center, New Ulm, MN
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From hog barns to yard lights, Zinniel Electric has been serving the agricultural and farming community of Southern Minnesota since 1978.

It doesn’t matter what your power needs are, Zinniel Electric has worked with all sized operators, including livestock yards, barns, furrowiFarmsng facilities, hatcheries, turkey farms, large elevator installations and even small vegetable farms.

Zinniel Electric has vast experience installing and repairing grain dryers and large grain auguring operations. Most recently PV/solar solutions have been used to lower the cost of farm operations.


With the recent local outbreak of Avian Influenza, Zinniel Electric wants to ensure that we can SAFELY give you the best electrical service.  If you call for agricultural services, please notify us of the bio-security level of any animal barns we may be entering.  In this way, we can give you the best possible service while assuring bio-security standards are met for everyone’s protection.  We will do our best to meet your electrical needs, but please understand it may be necessary to restrict entry to certain barns.

We appreciate your cooperation as we work through this together!

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